Saturday, July 30, 2005

BUS 138

At my aunt house now. just finished eating the yummy crab!!! hohohoh!!!

Just now i was on bus 138. in case u dont know, bus 138 is a bus that goes towards Mandai Zoo. most of the time i will take this bus home. i enjoy taking bus 138, cause many tourists will take this bus to zoo. whenever im on the bus, i will hear many different kind of languages. some singaporeans might see it noisy, but i see it interesting. ha!! is like your left u hear indonesian language, your left u hear japanese, in front of u korean and the back of u russian language. isnt it interesting?? it feels like im living in a country full of different people from different countries! sometimes i even feel so desperate to talk to them. just make friends with them. is so fun lah. hahahaha!!! and the way they dressed always attracts me. cause people from different countries wear differently. their way of styling and dressing are always so different. so fun to look at them!! aaaaaaahahahha!!!! their funny languages and their appearances, both always attracts my attention towards them. sometimes, some handsome and cool guys attracts me too!! huahuahua!!! just simply looking at them makes me happy!! aaaaahahaha!!! too cute and handsome to be true!!! gagagagagaga!!! opppssss saliva!!!!! dripping!!!!! mmmmuuuagagagagag!!!

however, sometimes the caucasians that are tall and bigger size always irritates me. because at times they will block the way. is like people got to "squeeze" thru them. ok lah, erm i shouldnt blame them lah. kekeke.... anyway, im sure they are nice people. so stay qool people. hahaha!!!!

when u guys really really have nothing to do, try taking bus 138!! aahahahaha!!!! im sure u would have a fun and exciting journey!!! huahuahuahua!!!!

Anyway, before i end this post, i just want to say i had weird dreams recently. and i mean WEIRD!!!! okok. thats all folks! Ciaooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

leng||8:32 PM

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Just ended my english tuition given by Lindsey. We were talking more than learning english. haha!! but perhaps only for today lah. Dunno how and when this "End-Time" topic came to us. We were actually talking about it for like 1 hour??? i find the things that Lindsey said are interesting. of cos doubts were everywhere "hidden in my mind". but i was still super curious about what Lindsey was saying. i hear many people talking about end-time, but seriously i just didnt bothered about what those people are saying. and therefore, i ended up knowing nothing about it. so today i finally know what a end-time is. a rough one of cos. im pretty interested to know more about end-time. Looking forward to the service with Rev. Mike Connell. heard from many people that he's a man full of the spirit. hmmm..........

leng||6:30 PM

Monday, July 25, 2005


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am guilty

leng||3:58 PM

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Life somhow is out of focus. im not sure how to act, how to feel, and how to respond. feel that im just not fit in anywhere.

leng||4:50 PM

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


hou shi jing li de shi jie yue lai yue yuan de dao bie
The world from the rear view mirror becomes further and further away as if saying goodbye

ni zhuan shen xiang bei che lian hai shi hen mei
You turn around but your side profile is still very beautiful

wo yong yan guang qu zui jing ting jian ni de lei
I use my eyes to pursue you, yet I hear your tears

zai che chuang wai mian pai hui shi wo cuo shi de ji hui
Outside the car window is my missed opportunity

ni zhan de fang wei gen wo zhong jian ge zhe lei
Your position and mine is separated by tears

jie jing yi zhi zai hou tui ni de beng kui zai chuang wai ling sui
The street views are continuously receding, you start to fragment outside the window

wo yi lu xiang bei li kai you ni de ji jie
I head towards the north to leave the season which describes you

ni shuo ni hao lei yi wu fa zai ai shang shui
You said you were already tired and cannot fall in love with anybody again

feng zai shan lu chui guo wang de hua mian quan dou shi wo bu dui
The wind is blowing on the mountain road, all of our previous memories were my wrong doings

xi su can kui wo shang ni ji hui
Counting my shamefulness, I have hurt you too many instances

wo yi lu xiang bei li kai you ni de ji jie
I head towards the north to leave the season which describes you

fang xiang pan zhou wei hui zhuan zhe wo de hou hui
Around the steering wheel rotates my feelings of regret

wo jia sui chao yue que shuai bu diao jing jing gen shui de shang bei
I accelerate to escape the lingering sadness

xi shu can kui wo shang ni ji hui
Counting my shamefulness, I have hurt you too many instances

ting zhi lang bei jiu rang cuo chun cui
Stop the anguish by letting my wrong doings

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leng||10:00 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Super tired!! Yesterday do Rina's birthday card till 2am. Look pretty restless today. Didnt manage to go for Service 5 today. Cos SuiSui and LiChing were late for service. So i waited for them at the lobby. While i was waiting for them, YuanMei(my cousin's friend) came and say hi to me. i first met her at cousin's chalet, and sometimes we see each other in church, we'll just say Hi to each other. But today we had a long conversation, and we actually chat for 1 hour. We talked about many things. Our life, our encounters with God, our Cell group, share our problems and other stuff. In the beginning, we dont really know each other well, but somehow the things that we talk about were like as if we know each other for quite some time. After that, we also prayed for one another. This conversation did benefits the both of us, and actually i was pretty astonished by it when i think back. The most amazing thing was, after we end our conversation, LiChing and SuiSui came. Really dunno they came at the right or the wrong time. is quite confusing actually. Cos they miss the svc, they came at the wrong time, but they came after my coversation with Yuanmei, and therefore they came at right time. actually im thinking whether izzit Daddy want me to miss the service, and let me have a chance to talk to YuanMei. Perhaps lah hor. Anyway, in the end LiChing, Sui2 and i didnt attend service, and we went cafe to wait for svc to end.

When svc was about to end, we went riveria to wait for Rina and the rest to gather. After announcement and all, we celebrated Rina's birthday. As usual, sing birthday song, speech from Rina, open present and prayed for her. Everyone seems to be super excited and happy. But as a birthday coordinator, i feel that i didnt do a good job. i think that being a birthday coordinator isnt that easy. try to be one if you think is easy.

Anyway after the celebration, Gloria and i had Bible Study. Then a few of us went Marina Square to eat and shop. When i finished eating, i went to meet my family and this HongKong couple that came last few months. This time they brought their two daughters with them. Their younger daughter is super cute. i like the way little children speak cantonese. is sooo cute!!! i think this family is very nice to be with. they really bring joy to people.

Thats all for today. had a tiring day!! byeeeeeee........

leng||11:42 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005


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Welcome to my life

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BUS 138

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